new markets?


Where are we going?
How will we get there?

Perhaps the most important questions for a management team to ask. But the number of tasks on the management table makes it hard a challenge to find the answers and make the decisions.

10 years ago the 49’er Olympic Gold Medalist Martin Kirketerp gave a speech about the stunning, very dramatic victory in the 2008 Olympics. After the speech I asked him, what was the single most important factor differentiating them.

“The clean split of work. The captain Jonas only had one task: Find the best winds. I handle everything else” - he replied.

In most CEO agendas operation consumes most of the time. Leaving little time to qualify, understand and enter new markets effectively.

We give the management teams a hand in establishing the market opportunities, plan the market entry and in executing the plan.

"The captain finds
the best winds.
I handle
everything else"

Olympic Gold Medalist

“tomorrow & co is dedicated in helping
SME companies enter new markets effectively
- with a special focus on Germany”


How can you grow the business? What markets will secure your growth? What services and products will meet the need of these
markets? How do you orchestrate the offer into strong concepts and unique customer journeys? How do you make it happen?

What we do

In today’s disruptive environments reality very often overtakes "the big plan" before you know it. This is why tomorrow & co is not offering glossy strategy processes.

Instead we team up with you to find and lead the way in to new markets. We offer a hands-on management support in asking the right questions and then helping out in getting simple, straight forward and tangible answers to these questions.

We believe in combining creative business thinking with systematic approaches to customers and partners - meeting them in the given market. And then we build a fact-based plan for the business to create value for customers on a given market.

With fluent language skills in German, English and Nordic, we can operate on a broad geographical scale. - But we have special insight on Germany (DACH) and the Nordics.

Through market and customer insights we help businesses understand the potential for their products and services on new markets, build the business case, develop or adapt the concept to the new market – and sketch a market entry plan.

And finally we help you work the plan successfully.

“We help you understand your potential on new markets, and sketch
a plan for how to
make it happen”.

Industrial advisor / Founder, tomorrow & co

Client views

“tomorrow & co has provided us with very valuable insights on our potential in the German market, as well as tangible go-to-market advice. It has been an inspiration to work with Martin and I won't hesitate in giving him my recommendations"

Anton L. Bondesen

CEO New Markets/Partner Melin Group AS
“With joint efforts the project has given us a solid insight into customer needs, a strong concept presentation platform and business plan for our market introduction”

Fredrik Karltorp

CEO and Co-Founder of Gordion AB

Need inspiration on how to scale the
business on new markets?